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Call Us Today!
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Ace Septic and Plumbing Company is here to help! We proudly provide septic tank cleaning, grease trap cleaning, and aerobic system cleaning, as well as full service, septic and aerobic repair and installation throughout greater Houston, Texas, and all surrounding counties since 1978.
We offer prompt service plus appropriate guarantees on all our work. We stand behind our promise to deliver the highest quality customer service at affordable rates. We will work with you to develop an honest, trustworthy, and mutually respectful relationship. Ace Septic and Plumbing wants you to feel comfortable and confident, so we deliver the very best results from start to finish. Whether your home, commercial business, restaurant, or retail business has plumbing leaks, septic backups, or major main breaks, we can serve your unique septic and plumbing needs.
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If you would like to hire our company for aerobic maintenance, please submit a contract request. If you received a letter or affidavit from your local county, you will need to be in compliance with the county and TCEQ within the time limit they have given. For every day that you are not in compliance according to these regulations, you can be fined up to $250 by the county in which you reside. This is why it is important for you to select the right maintenance provider like Ace Septic and Plumbing Company.
If you choose us for your full-service company, please review our contract and fill it out, and we will submit it to your residing county.
We require a signed contract for maintenance before we can submit an open records request for your permit number from the county. There are a few necessary pieces of information that are required (by TCEQ) to be noted in the contract that TCEQ such as a permit number, company brand, and the like. If there are any questions in relation to this information or about the inserted contract proposal, please call us anytime. We will complete the information upon receipt of contract and after the required request for information from your residing county in regards to your system for adequate documentation according to state and county ordinances.
Ace Septic and Plumbing has a licensed on-site sewage facility (OSSF) installer (TCEQ No. OS0029058) and maintenance provider with the Texas On-Site Wastewater Association (TOWA No. BMP065663553). We can provide pumping and electrical services and full service for your aerobic needs. We will not need to refer another company to handle your needs. We provide full service to you.
Not only do we provide our customers with experience and reliability, we provide additional services that go beyond our standard, dependable maintenance and certified inspections. If you need our services, we provide licensed services on your entire aerobic system. Please be sure to notify us in a timely manner in order to avoid costly repairs.
The following links will answer most pertinent questions that you may have in regards to aerobic maintenance:

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